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The 2022 album “Dangerous Days” is out!

Dangerous Days, the 2022 album. publication date 22 September. Dangerous Days indeed, in many ways, it has been a crazy year. The songs reflect some of that madness. Eighteen songs, sixty-four and a half minutes. Folk, Folkrock, Blues, Rock and Jazz. One co-written with Fred Grittner, who also mastered the album, one with Terry Lee [...]

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Dieses Jahr gibt es noch ein Album. Für Kinder (und Erwachsene).

Unsere Enkelin Leevke hat ein paar Mal gefragt, ‚Hast Du ein neues Lied für uns geschrieben?‘ Gefragt, getan – Der Osterhasen-Wackelnasen Tanz – Neue Kinderlieder. 15 Lieder, für Kinder und Erwachsene. Leicht verständliche Lieder und auch solche, die mehr Konzentration erfordern. Keine Streicher, keine Blockflöten, richtige Musik. Kinder werden oft unterschätzt und Eltern unnötig mit [...]

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About the ‘Sunshine And The Shadows’ album.

Alf Storrud is a senior consultant at Oslo University. With his wife, he has translated several books by Orhan Pamuk, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature, into Norwegian. He has co-curated a career overview double cd of Jackson C. Frank’s songs. And he loves Fred Grittner’s music. He is a master of funny [...]

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The 2021 album is out, published 15 October.

Sunshine And The Shadows - seventeen songs, 62 minutes. Fourteen original songs, one of them co-written with Fred Grittner, one with Fred and Ron Beliveau, three cover songs. Folk, Rock, Blues, Americana and Jazz Songs about loss, danger, the tricks memories play, hope, joy, comfort, fools, gangsters and sex. Some funny ones. Thanks to Fred Grittner, who [...]

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CDBaby closing down

CDBaby always happily shouted 'We love you!' - no matter how inappropriate the occasion. Now they have shown us artists how much they love us by closing down their store. For quite a few artists a major portion of their income was generated via said store. Many thanks, CDBaby. At the moment a few links on my webpage lead nowhere. [...]

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Letter from Gordon Bok (edited)

Hello Jan, …. Got my third listen in today. … If I don´t mention a song, it´s because I haven´t heard it clearly enough to comment. LOVE TOO LATE - Well spoken, touched some old cords (and chords) with me. Has a nice roundness to it. NO NAME - Good! Thank you. Well set, with [...]

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And now for something a bit different.

A children´s songs album in German. You English-speaking folks will probably not be that interested, so I will continue in German. Vor ungefähr sechs Wochen schrieb unsere Tochter Lena sinngemäß: Die meisten CDs mit Kinderliedern sind süßlich und überproduziert. Du bist Musiker und hast Zeit… Und dann sandte sie mir eine Liste mit Kinderliedern, die [...]

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