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CDBaby closing down

CDBaby always happily shouted 'We love you!' - no matter how inappropriate the occasion. Now they have shown us artists how much they love us by closing down their store. For quite a few artists a major portion of their income was generated via said store. Many thanks, CDBaby. At the moment a few links on my webpage lead nowhere. [...]

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Letter from Gordon Bok (edited)

Hello Jan, …. Got my third listen in today. … If I don´t mention a song, it´s because I haven´t heard it clearly enough to comment. LOVE TOO LATE - Well spoken, touched some old cords (and chords) with me. Has a nice roundness to it. NO NAME - Good! Thank you. Well set, with [...]

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And now for something a bit different.

A children´s songs album in German. You English-speaking folks will probably not be that interested, so I will continue in German. Vor ungefähr sechs Wochen schrieb unsere Tochter Lena sinngemäß: Die meisten CDs mit Kinderliedern sind süßlich und überproduziert. Du bist Musiker und hast Zeit… Und dann sandte sie mir eine Liste mit Kinderliedern, die [...]

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2019 album ‘Mirror, Mirror’

New album to be published on 27 September - ‘Mirror, Mirror’, 19 songs, 65 minutes. 12 original songs (4 of them co-written with Fred Grittner and Brad DeLong), 7 covers. Folk, rock, jazz, blues, Europeana, Americana. Quirky, angry, desperate, hopeful and simply beautiful songs, mirroring the times we are living in. Fred Grittner played electric [...]

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2018 album ‘Look At My Works, Ye Mighty’

About the 2018 album, ‘Look On My Works, Ye Mighty’, published 22 October: Songs to sing along to, songs that may make you think. Some sad ones, some funny songs. Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley (with my music) and Rainer Maria Rilke (translated into English and put to music). A song about a man with [...]

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My good friend Rex DeLong

My good friend Rex died in October 2016. I am saddened. He was a compassionate man. We did not always agree, but he was the kind of man who would carefully consider your point of view, always. And when we agreed to disagree, there never were any hard feelings on either side. He was a [...]

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Welcome to janhauenstein.com

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my homepage! You will find some pictures here, a biography, links to a few videos, and, of course, a music store designed to make me rich and famous. Plus some links! And you can contact me via clever buttons that say (you guessed, I bet) 'CONTACT ME’ on the Bio-page [...]

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