Dangerous Days, the 2022 album. publication date 22 September.

Dangerous Days indeed, in many ways, it has been a crazy year.
The songs reflect some of that madness.

Eighteen songs, sixty-four and a half minutes.
Folk, Folkrock, Blues, Rock and Jazz.
One co-written with Fred Grittner, who also mastered the album,
one with Terry Lee Ransom – thank you, gentlemen! – and an old Swedish song
by Carl Michael Bellman that I translated into English.

Songs about these weird and dangerous days, lost love, infidelity, hope,
joy, politics, the power of the blues – and a few strange ones.

Come in, sit down, listen and find out.

Daniel Tappe helped with the promo video and he maintains this website.


P.S. If you want to download the album, please do it via janhauenstein.bandcamp.com
All the others are robbers.

P.S. II My friend Fred wrote:
I was proud to master an album of ALL your songs – no covers. I think it is your best album. Songs, singing, arrangements. You should feel very proud about your creation.