Our granddaughter Leevke asked a few times, ‘Did you write a new song for us?’
So I did – ‚Der Osterhasen-Wackelnasen Tanz – Neue Kinderlieder‘.
And here is the English version – ‘The Easter Bunny Dance’.
15 songs, for children and adults. Songs that are easy to understand and also a few
that require more concentration. No strings, no recorders, real music.
Children are often underestimated and parents unnecessarily tortured with lalala-drivel.
Strong fat fairies, information about dogs, bicorns (not the hat) and uniquehorns, wizards,
chubby princesses…
46 minutes, folk, blues, real rock.
Leevke and Tomke have already heard some of the songs and were happy.
The English version is available as downloads only:
But if you want to burn a cd, you’ll find the necessary files there.
Great Christmas gift for kids, parents and grandparents.