The 2020 album – 2020 Vision, due to be published 09 September 2020.

16 songs. One hour of music. Interesting arrangements, I have been told.
Songs that tell a story, tunes for our grandkids, political songs, the angry kind, quirky songs.
Folk, Americana, Europeana, blues, rock, jazz.

12 originals, one of them co-written with Fred Grittner, one with Terry Lee Ransom.
Four covers.

Not 20-20 vision, 2020 Vision. See cover.

Big thanks to Fred Grittner who gave advice, mastered the album and played guitar,
Claudia Wichmann who sang background vocals and Charlie Woodward who also played guitar.
Daniel Tappe created the promo video. Thank you!

2020 Vision is dedicated to Tomke Hauenstein and John Prine.