Hello Jan,

…. Got my third listen in today. …
If I don´t mention a song, it´s because I haven´t heard it clearly enough to comment.
LOVE TOO LATE – Well spoken, touched some old cords (and chords) with me. Has a nice roundness to it.
NO NAME – Good! Thank you. Well set, with the kind of spooky tune and accompaniment.
I´ve called those attacks consummate acts of cowardice – which they are, but then Miller Williams´ poem “Compassion” reminds me “You do not know what wars are going on / down there, where the spirit meets the bone.” …
THIEF Of DANCES – Couldn´t get it all, but enjoyed the contrast between the grisly sounding words and the jolly sounding accomp’ment.
TWO – Lovely. Never heard this idea so clearly, personally stated. Music very interesting, especially @ the end.
SICK – Nice use of 2 vocal textures.
GLORIOUS FALLEN – 1. Good singing 2. Good song. I´m going to send this CD to Alan Magee – artist/re-becoming musician doing a great job of speaking truth to power, internationally – I´m beginning to think of you two in the same breath.
MAYA WALKING – Nice to write a song about – heartwarming – and I like the light touch w/ the percussion.
UNEXPECTED – I got most of it. Good work. GREAT guitar solo!
FARAWAY TOM –  …. You set it very nicely – put it in a good place-to-go-to.
PAST FORWARD – You nailed this one, idea and delivery. Good music, GREAT ending.
THAT BORDER AGAIN – I loved the choice – simplicity – of using this to end the album. Great use of voice.
(OOPS – The Robert Johnson blues was very well done, singing was clear, music was a nice tribute but very much your own.)
All in all, Jan – this strikes me strongest of anything I´ve heard of yours.
The music is varied in structure, genre and approach, the “band” has never sounded as strongly in your groove. ….
There´s fine, clear, strong statements here, well anchored in historic reality, and you´re singing them honestly and very well. I find the whole thing stunning, and very essential to these times.
An excellent piece of work, my friend.

Long may you rave.