About the 2018 album, ‘Look On My Works, Ye Mighty’, published 22 October:

Songs to sing along to, songs that may make you think. Some sad ones, some funny songs. Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley (with my music) and Rainer Maria Rilke (translated into English and put to music).

A song about a man with ancient ideas, an old musical tune about how not to raise your children, a Germenglish song about the evil lawn tractor man, you´ll learn something about the dress code in heaven, a beautiful old song by Phil Ochs and an old tale from the civil war. And much more.

With Fred Grittner, electric guitars and mastering, Charlie Woodward, guitars and vocals and Claudia Wichmann, vocals. More than an hour of folk, rock, outlaw country and the blues, 10 songs with my music, lyrics by Percy Bysshe Shelley, Rainer Maria Rilke, Terry Lee Ransom, Brad De Long and me, 9 covers.

My songwriting friend Fred Grittner mastered the album. I asked him for a short promo bit:

Jan’s albums are always full of surprises. Over the years I have encountered obscure folk songs, songs from artists who I was unfamiliar with, songs I know but played with a fresh approach, famous poems set to music by Jan, collaborations with friends (including me), and, of course, Jan’s own songs.  His songs have grown more philosophical and political – he has a keen eye and command of the English language.  Jan’s musical arrangements have become richer and more fascinating, showcasing his strong voice.  This is an artist at the top of his game – give the album a listen.


Some of my heroes, John Stewart, Gordon Bok, Harvey Andrews (and then some) commented favorably on the older CDs.

Now please wend your way to the track previews, buy a few copies of the album.

Don´t hesitate and spend lavishly.

Jan Hauenstein