I´m happy to announce that the new album, ‘Sock It To Me!’ is available now!

Published Monday, 29 August 2016.

There are two promo videos in the video section here.


Some loud songs this time. More blues, boogie and rock music than on the other albums. But they are balanced by jazzy tunes, folky songs, crazy songs.

Comments on the sad and sorry shape of the world (Intelligent Design, Ten Men), songs that will soothe the worried mind (This Love Will Carry), fun songs (Macchu Picchu Big Shoe Circus),  some might bring a tear to your eye (I Come And Stand At Every Door, Same Girl), others offer good advice (The Cape) or were written about a special moment (New Year´s Day In South Station).

A nicely mixed batch.

Fred Grittner played electric lead guitar and mandolin and mastered the album, Charlie Woodward played guitar and bass and sang, Claudia Wichmann hummed and sang. Brad DeLong wrote the lyrics for two songs.

67 minutes, big voice, if you like Johnny Cash, Bruce Cockburn and John Stewart, you might like this album.

You may know some of the songwriters that have listened to my music and commented favorably – among others, John Stewart, Gordon Bok, Jez Lowe, Martha Ann Brooks and Dave Moore.