Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to my homepage!

You will find some pictures here, a biography, links to a few videos,
and, of course, a music store designed to make me rich and famous.
Plus some links! And you can contact me via clever buttons that say (you guessed, I bet)
‘CONTACT ME’ on the Bio-page and on the Music Store page.

There are full length previews for all the songs of all the albums on the Music Store Page,  click on the titles of the albums, that´s where they hide.

Ah, why should you follow the link to bandcamp to download albums or individual songs?
Money, money, money. Sending individual CDs from Germany to, say, the USA, costs a pretty penny or cent.
And on bandcamp you can download all of my albums (or individual songs) in various formats. Good for everybody concerned.

But for each new album there is a pre-order option for the USA, and I pack the CDs, put them in a big parcel, send the big parcel to my friend Art Krause who then unpacks the big parcel and forwards the CDs. You can get a signed CD that way!

But for those of you who dwell in old Europe, this is the place where you can shop to your hearts´ and ears´ desire.

‘Nuff said. Hope you find a few things and songs here that you like.



P.S. Thanks to Mr. Tappy, without whose technical expertise this homepage probably would be shambolic.