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welcome to my homepage!

You will find some pictures here, a biography, links to a few videos,
and, of course, a music store designed to make me rich and famous.
Plus some links! And you can contact me via clever buttons that say (you guessed, I bet)
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There are full length previews for all the songs of all the albums on the Music Store Page,  click on the titles of the albums, that´s where they hide.

Ah, why should you follow the link to bandcamp to download albums or individual songs?
Money, money, money. Sending individual CDs from Germany to, say, the USA, costs a pretty penny or cent.
And on bandcamp you can download all of my albums (or individual songs) in various formats. Good for everybody concerned.

But for each new album there is a pre-order option for the USA, and I pack the CDs, put them in a big parcel, send the big parcel to my friend Art Krause who then unpacks the big parcel and forwards the CDs. You can get a signed CD that way!

But for those of you who dwell in old Europe, this is the place where you can shop to your hearts´ and ears´ desire.

‘Nuff said. Hope you find a few things and songs here that you like.



P.S. Thanks to Mr. Tappy, without whose technical expertise this homepage probably would be shambolic.

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The 2022 album “Dangerous Days” is out!

Dangerous Days, the 2022 album. publication date 22 September.

Dangerous Days indeed, in many ways, it has been a crazy year.
The songs reflect some of that madness.

Eighteen songs, sixty-four and a half minutes.
Folk, Folkrock, Blues, Rock and Jazz.
One co-written with Fred Grittner, who also mastered the album,
one with Terry Lee Ransom – thank you, gentlemen! – and an old Swedish song
by Carl Michael Bellman that I translated into English.

Songs about these weird and dangerous days, lost love, infidelity, hope,
joy, politics, the power of the blues – and a few strange ones.

Come in, sit down, listen and find out.

Daniel Tappe helped with the promo video and he maintains this website.


P.S. If you want to download the album, please do it via janhauenstein.bandcamp.com
All the others are robbers.

P.S. II My friend Fred wrote:
I was proud to master an album of ALL your songs – no covers. I think it is your best album. Songs, singing, arrangements. You should feel very proud about your creation.

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This year  – one more album. For children (and adults).

Our granddaughter Leevke asked a few times, ‘Did you write a new song for us?’
So I did – ‚Der Osterhasen-Wackelnasen Tanz – Neue Kinderlieder‘.
And here is the English version – ‘The Easter Bunny Dance’.
15 songs, for children and adults. Songs that are easy to understand and also a few
that require more concentration. No strings, no recorders, real music.
Children are often underestimated and parents unnecessarily tortured with lalala-drivel.
Strong fat fairies, information about dogs, bicorns (not the hat) and uniquehorns, wizards,
chubby princesses…
46 minutes, folk, blues, real rock.
Leevke and Tomke have already heard some of the songs and were happy.
The English version is available as downloads only:
But if you want to burn a cd, you’ll find the necessary files there.
Great Christmas gift for kids, parents and grandparents.

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Dieses Jahr gibt es noch ein Album. Für Kinder (und Erwachsene).

Unsere Enkelin Leevke hat ein paar Mal gefragt, ‚Hast Du ein neues Lied für uns geschrieben?‘
Gefragt, getan – Der Osterhasen-Wackelnasen Tanz – Neue Kinderlieder.
15 Lieder, für Kinder und Erwachsene. Leicht verständliche Lieder und auch solche,
die mehr Konzentration erfordern. Keine Streicher, keine Blockflöten, richtige Musik.
Kinder werden oft unterschätzt und Eltern unnötig mit Lalala-Gesülze gequält.
Starke dicke Feen, Informationen über Hunde, Zweihörner und Eishörner, Zauberer,
rundliche Prinzessinen…
46 Minuten, Folk, Blues, richtiger Rock. Und das Album gibt es auch auf Englisch.
Leevke und Tomke haben schon einige Lieder gehört und sich gefreut.
Die deutsche Version gibt es als CD und als Download bei
Die englische Version – The Easter Bunny Dance – wird es circa eine Woche später auf bandcamp geben.
Prima Weihnachtsgeschenk für Kinder, Eltern und Großeltern!


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About the ‘Sunshine And The Shadows’ album.

Alf Storrud is a senior consultant at Oslo University. With his wife, he has translated several books by Orhan Pamuk, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature, into Norwegian.
He has co-curated a career overview double cd of Jackson C. Frank’s songs.
And he loves Fred Grittner’s music.
He is a master of funny and quirky drawings, the topics quite surprising, which can be found on Facebook. There is a new one every Friday.

Here his notes on the ‘Sunshine And The Shadows’ cd:

Hello Jan,

I’ve finally had time to give the new album a “deep listening” and I like it a lot! It is a collection of mature, touching and well-constructed songs – real pieces of art 😊

What follows is not a review, just some stray thoughts and impressions jotted down while listening. I do not comment on the cover songs – but I really enjoyed them as well and if I had not known some of them, I would have taken them for yours – They fit in perfectly.

Hey, Songwriter
This I perceive as the albums – and your – statement of intent. The lyrics are captivating, the melody is strong and I love the mandolin fills floating over the guitar. A strong opener.

You Have To Like Lonesome
A great Grittner/Beliveau lyric set to a slowly burning, evocative melody. Great vocals and arrangement – Powerful and reflective music and full of pictures that resonate in the listeners mind.
“You have to like lonesome if you’re just a one man show” Wow …

Zirbeldrüse und Blutgemüse (Sine Qua Non)
I did not know that ironic polkas existed as a genre – A great change of tempo just when the album needed an uptempo song – and great nose poking lyrics, as I gather from comparing it with “Pineal Gland Goulash And Young Blood Veggies (Sine Qua Non)” Great guitar – I love both versions – The second I call Rolling Stones meet Swift!

A great lilting tune and lyrics we all can relate to, about how the mind plays tricks on us.
The mix of melancholy and irony works very well. Great song, could easily be a “new jazz standard” if you pitch it to Harry Connick

The Talk (White Privilege)
Another song with a great, almost jazzy feel to it. Sadly this song is still necessary –
Powerful and angry “slice of life ” lyrics and music that supports the speak singing perfectly

The Sun Is Out Today
A strong, calypso like melody and beautiful acoustic strumming. Strong vocals and touching lyrics. And again those mandolin fills.

Less Is More
A sturdy rock groove carries some incisive Grittner lyrics and the guitar sounds great – Fuzzy simplicity! Great vocals!

Bible Belt Jesus
Don’t we all despise and pity these kind of people and their self-made bigot theology – And the Bible belt stretches all the way to Oslo, Norway!

Room 13
This is a fascinating, cleverly constructed short story, full of suspense, and put to a funky catchy Hauenstein groove. A very cinematic song! I suspected a murder and was happily surprised this was about something else. Lovely song and great guitar.

Makes As Much Sense
Absurd verses about our absurd existence, and a refrain that makes sense of it all – Great stomping melody – Loved the piano.

Two Old Men
A great portrait – a bit sad, but mostly filled with hope. The melody is effortlessly catchy

Just A Little Blue Touch
One of the most harrowing tunes on the album. Understated, atmospheric guitar picking – The lyrics are a strong and down to earth description of the dreadful human condition. A title to kill for and wonderful vocals! – This song  hit me hard.

A Malt, A Pipe, And An Old Guitar
Luckily the album ends on a more optimistic note – There is a cure (or three 😊) and there is still hope. This is the life philosophy this album’s journey has brought us to – Smoky and evocative – an instant classic!

So there you are – My stray thoughts! Thank you for a great and inspiring album.
I was sincerely moved by it – Keep them coming!

All the best

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