Romance, Predators, Death And The Universe (2015)



© Copyright – Jan Hauenstein

Singer-Songwriter music: Folkrock, Folk, Blues, Rock, some jazzy songs; big voice

Genre: Folk: Folk-Rock

Release Date: 2015




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This is music that is meant to be listened to with some attention.
The words are as important as the tunes, ladies and gentlemen.
10 original songs, some co-written with lyricists Frederick Grittner, Terry Lee Ransom, Brad DeLong and Joseph Dearie.
6 covers, songs I have loved for years and new discoveries.
Some dark songs, some quirky lyrics, some angry songs, some songs that might soothe the mind.
Charlie Woodward played guitar, Fred Grittner guitar and mandolin, you´ll also hear keyboards, drums, bass, cello, trombone and, oops, banjo.

Enough self-praise. Here´s what songwriters you may know wrote about my music:

I loved the CD you guys made. Very Euro – East Coastal.
– John Stewart

You´ve got some quite unique material there, and you´re singing better than ever.
– Gordon Bok

It has that rooted European depth that I like. Well done!
Cheers, Harvey Andrews

jan, hey that sounds great, sounds really great. cool.
nice big ole low down voice.
– Dave Moore

Do yourself a favor and buy this CD. Don’t do drive-by listening.
Sit with it and let the songs sink into your bones.
– Martha Ann Brooks


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