Love, Life And Bad Breath (2010)



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Folk, jazzy and bluesy, folk-rock, country rock, 12 original songs and 4 covers, big voice, songs about love, life, bad breath, angels and the devil… (don´t worry, he´s dead – find out why) Chances are you´ll like this album.

Genre: Folk: Folk-Rock

Release Date: 2010

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This album was recorded with Tamara Friedrich, harmony vocals, Charlie Woodward, guitar and Fred Grittner, mandolin and keyboard. Fred also mastered the album. He is a fine songwriter,
Mainly original songs, some of them co-written with Fred Grittner, Jim Clare, Gene Henriksen, Rex DeLong,
a Jim Clare song about the Civil War, Tom Paxton´s ‘Passing Through Tulsa’, a beautiful traditional folk song, John Stewart´s ‘Missouri Birds’, an Angelo Branduardi tune and Jackson Browne´s ‘These Days’. You´ll recognize the tune, but I gave it a jazzy folk treatment.
You´ll hear acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, some piano, organ and keyboards…

Probably my best album to date. Here are some notes on the songs:
1. When They Ask (Jan Hauenstein) 3.13 a folk song with a jazzy feel I wrote after watching a TV broadcast about kids who lost their parents.
2. Far Too Young (To Be This Old) (Words Gene Henriksen/Music Jan Hauenstein) 5.45
Gene sure has a way with words – folk song with a bluesy touch about feeling younger than you are.
3. Lord Franklin (Traditional) for Gudrun 4.27 great traditional folk song. Finally dared to record it.
Fred played the mando, Tamara sings beautifully.
4. Laying In The Weeds (Words Fred Grittner/Music Jan Hauenstein) 3.36 a folk blues, Fred and I think it´s about the Blues, always laying in wait.
5. Born To Be Moderately Wild (Words Rex DeLong & Jan Hauenstein/Music Jan Hauenstein) 3.23
yes, you guessed… rocks nicely. Mainly my ideas, Rex polished the words masterfully.
6. Missouri Birds (John Stewart) 3.27 John Stewart, no need to say much more. The left channel guitar is Charlie´s.
7. Old Train Coming (Jim Clare) 4.57 Jim writes fantastic folk songs about the Civil War – and other topics. Check out his music. Easy to google him.
8. Halitosis Man (Words Jan Hauenstein & Jim Clare/Music Jan Hauenstein) 4.42 whimsical song about Halitosis Man
and the Devil… don´t mess with Halitosis Man. Folk-rock with some fine growling.
9. Per Ogni Matematico (Words Giorgio Faletti/Music Angelo Branduardi) 2.48
lovely Angelo Branduardi melody. A song about mathematicians and love.
10. Only Six Thousand Generations (Jan Hauenstein) 3.15 nuclear waste will worry our descendants
for another 200,000 years. Tamara sings harmony on this folky protest song.
11. Labiodental Fricative Love Affair Boogie (Jan Hauenstein) for Lena 3.43 our daughter Lena studied English, so did we.
A song of love and lust using plenty of linguistics lingo.
12. The Baltimore Case (Words Fred Grittner/Music Jan Hauenstein) 2.56 Fred writes mysterious lyrics…
folk song with a nice piano about the Dr. Baltimore case.
13. The Sins Of Many Fathers (Words Terry Lee Ransom/Music Jan Hauenstein) 3.54
Terry Ransom´s words, given a folk song treatment. Just three guitars.
14. Passing Through Tulsa (Tom Paxton) 4.38 heard Allan Shaw, president of Folk Era Records, play this one in Scottsdale two years ago. Fell in love with the song. Tamara sings harmony.
15. Procrastination Blues (Words Fred Grittner/Music Jan Hauenstein) 2.44
a tongue-in-cheek folk-blues, Fred and I are both pretty good at procrastinating. So are you.
16. These Days (Jackson Browne) 3.01
you know this great song, but you may not have heard it like this –recorded as a jazzy little folk song.

This is a Guitars Across The Water Production


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