Looking At Life (2011)



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‘Looking At Life’ is folky, jazzy, bluesy, rocking… chances are you´ll like this album. Story songs, some will make you cry, some may make you angry, some will make you laugh or smile. Original songs and covers, a varied bunch, but all about Life.

Genre: Folk: Folk-Rock

Release Date: 2011

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Here are songs that tell stories about real people, songs with a meaning, about 9/11 ( “A Thosand Dead People In Her Hair”), about a good politician (“Floyd B Olson Blues”), about John Weiner, who, along with 12 other Jews, was saved by Bavarian village cop Max Maurer in WWII (“The Dead Heroes Of Ergoldsbach”), about a monkey that helps a man (“Craig Loves Minnie, Minnie Loves Craig”), songs about the human condition (“Such A Beautiful Smile”, “Strange Alchemy”, “Wrong End Of The Rainbow”, “Those Cold And Lonesome Towns”…) fun songs (“A Pink Pork Chop And A Grilled Link Sausage”), covers of great songs written by Bruce Cockburn (“Waiting For The Moon”), Merle Travis (“Sixteen Tons”) and John Stewart (“Midnight Train”)… songs written by or with my friends, songwriters Fred Grittner, Rex DeLong and Martha Ann Brooks – she sings harmony on our song “Strange Alchemy”.
Fred played mandolin, tremolo guitar and electric guitar, Rex keyboards, Charlie Woodward acoustic guitar and bass. Thank you for all your help and the good music you contributed. Fred Grittner also mastered the album.

There are folk songs, bluesy songs, some have a jazzy feel, some rock nicely. I am proud of this album.

Hope you like the music, and the words

Jan Hauenstein


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