Late Bloomer (2009)



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Folk, folk rock, a little blues, a little jazz. A whole lot of fun and some reflective songs. Big voice. Some songs have guitars and vocals only, some band arrangements with guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Not for everyone, but for you for sure.

Genre: Folk: Folk-Rock

Release Date: 2009

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Album Notes
I/we have recorded several albums, Late Bloomer, published in August 2009, is the best, I think.
15 songs, eleven originals, some of them co-written with Fred Grittner, Terry Lee Ransom, Rex DeLong and Jim Clare and four covers, two songs by the great John Stewart, one by Martha Ann Brooks and one by Jim Clare and Mark Teachey.

‘Bolinas’ and ‘July, You´re a Woman’ were recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, at Tree Sound Studios, by Mack Woodward in August 2008. I sang lead, Charlie Woodward played guitar and sang harmony. Tamara´s vocals on these two and some other songs were recorded here in Goettingen, Gernmany, at The Rose studios, where most other gentle and louder noises also were made. Oh, and the rude sneezing on ‘You Can Pick Your Nose, But You Can´t Really Strum It’, too. Rex DeLong recorded the fine keyboard carpet on ‘Ghosts Of The Memory’ in Fullerton, CA.

The album was mastered by Fred Grittner at Black Crow Studio, St. Paul, Minnesota, where he also recorded the synthies on ‘Special Rider’. Thanks, Fred! He is here on CD Baby, too. Great writer, singer, player, and a good man.

Here is the first review:
I’d like to say thank you. I really appreciate the album. It provokes a wide range of emotions and reactions in me, from a knowing smile at very sexy “July” and high spirits humming along feel-good “Pick your nose” to admiring your lyrics and rhymes in “Unless” and your arrangement of “Bolinas” and to being touched somehow by “As if I”, “Ice Queen”, “Manassas”, and “Essentials”.
A gem!


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